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GUO Flute

This flute is made from a composite material which is super light-weight, and is actually lighter than the standard Grenaditte flute. The sound is brighter and much like that of a regular metal flute. Note: The Grenaditte Flute has a sound closer to that of 'wood' rather than 'metal'. This New V

Saxophone, Tenor

S e e w e b s i t e : w w w . m u s i c - t e n o n . c o m


1).VCH-222BSY2 Rib Construction Black Body . Silver Key W/Luxuriant Flowers Engraving KEY: Eb High: F#Low: Bb High F# Key 2).VCH-800LY2 Rib Construction Lacquer Finish Red Brass Body(85% Copper) W/Luxuriant Flowers Engraving KEY: Eb High: Low: Bb High F# key 3).VCH-222S1 Rib Construct